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Why Cans Are Now Kings of Craft…

For a long time there has been a stigma attached to the humble can as it is associated with cheap, commercial yellow fizz with the ethos of stack’em high and sell’em cheap. But it looks like things are changing as more and more are seeing the benefits of using cans. As with many things in the craft industry – canned beer originally took off in the States with so many big breweries choosing to can their core range. The Colorado based brewery, Oskar Blues, best known for their Dale’s Pale Ale range, were the first to fully immerse themselves by…

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What Is Craft Beer? – Definition

What seems like a relatively simple question is in reality one of the most difficult and debated areas of craft beer: What exactly defines a beer as ‘craft’? It’s a tough one. Although we don’t actually have an official definition for craft beer in the UK, many drinkers would say they know it when they see it. But, bury their head in their pint when asked the specifics as to what actually makes it ‘craft’. So what is craft beer and how is it differentiated from other beers on the market? Is it just opinion or is it something that can…

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