Home Brewing From Your Phone?

I couldn’t help but hum the Imperial March tune in my head when watching that video. Just me?

This is BrewArt, a home brewing machine developed by two craft connoisseurs from the Coopers Brewery in Australia and it allows you replicate classic beer recipes and tweak them to make the beer your own, all . The machine is split into two pieces of kit. The BeerDroid and the BrewFlo (groovy).


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The BeerDroid, is where the action takes place with the capacity to brew 10 litres of delicious bespoke beer.  You add the ingredients and then control the temperature of the brew on your phone as the BeerDroid sends you updates through its wifi connection.

When ready the finished beer them flows into the BrewFlo (still groovy), a five litre chilled dispenser and you can pour yourself a pint from the chrome tap.

This comes alongside another great company, BrewBot based in Belfast who are trying to make the brewing process more simple and easier to access than ever before. They started their journey after successfully running a crowdfund back in 2013. Their 381 backers show that there is a market out there.

“We wanted to make something that gave people a good brewing experience,” said BrewArt co-creator Scott Harris. “The ability to control the temperature also allows people to create beers that have been hard to make in the past, like a nice, clear lager for example.”

You have this culture that’s emerged in the last few years of people making their own cheese, smoking their own meats. At the same time there has been this explosion in craft beer and all the different flavours. This allows people to combine those two movements.

As many will attest to, you really appreciate a good beer after you’ve tried to make one yourself and a contraption like this will certainly bring access to a new wave of home brewers. Also, with its stainless steel body it wouldn’t look out of place in any upper middle class kitchen and we’re presuming that’s who will be buying it with a $1500 (£842) price tag for both bits. Certainly more pricey than a bath tub and some hose from B&Q.

What do you guys think? Will something like this help more people get involved in home brewing and craft beer? Does it take the fun and adventure out of home brewing? We’d love to hear you thoughts!

You can find out more about BrewArt or BrewBot by clicking these links.

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