Brooklyn Branch Into Music

Brooklyn is an area of the USA we often associate with great music – from the fresh hip hop of Jay-Z, through the steady rock of Lou Reed, to the synth sounds of MGMT. In the beer world, its also renowned for the great beers that roll out of a certain brewery in Williamsburg. It seems the two worlds have now inevitably collided.

Brooklyn RecordsBrooklyn Brewery have form when it comes to doing things slightly different, after a visit to their site in May, my mates and I sampled there wares whilst listening to a blue grass band tune up in their 20 lane bowling alley. The bowling is actually pretty hard going when you’re on the 6th pint of their signature lager. But this new step for them marks a real bond between what they do and the culture that they have made surrounding their brand.

Brooklyn have launched a UK record label, imaginatively named ‘Brooklyn Brewery Records’ and the first band they have worked with is UK rock outfit The Graveltones. After recording their 2015 Halloween performance, they’re pressing limited edition vinyl copies (*internal hipster quivering*) to be sold at upcoming shows in London (July 6th, Flashback Records) and Nottingham (July 7th, Rough Trade Nottingham).

(C)SD Photography
(C)SD Photography

Rachael Weseloh, UK Brand Ambassador told Music Week: “New York City’s Brooklyn Borough has always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting emerging artists, so Brooklyn Brewery was really keen to bring that spirit to the UK, taking original, independent bands and pressing the unadulterated sound to vinyl, to be listened to as intended – loud and raw.”

£5 OFF when you spend (3)Brooklyn certainly aren’t the first in the industry to make this partnership of beer and music. The brand Hobgoblin made by the Wychwood Brewery run their own record label which boasts five bands on its roster. And even thought their beer tastes like watered down water, Tennents have managed to blend the worlds of music and beer (a loose term) into one of the UKs most successful festivals, T in the Park.

Here at Beer52 we fully endorse this type of move by any brewery. After all, what is better than listening to a top quality band whilst enjoying a nice tasty beer. We just hope Brooklyn Summer Ale is on tap at The Graveltones gigs as it made our top 10 summer beers list. That would be hard to whack!


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