Some Of Our Top Beer Books

Undoubtably, one of the most fun and rewarding areas of craft beer is just simply enjoying the beer. Touching a cold glass to your lips and having the personal experience of the tastes and sensations speaking to you as they tumble around your mouth. But there is also something exquisite about being able to put words, descriptions and depth of understanding to those rushes of flavour. The best way to learn the black and white of beer is by reading some of the greats works by some of the most knowledgable people in the industry. Here is a list of the ones we would recommend; they’ll help you expand your knowledge, understand and appreciate you beer fully or just sound cool in a bar…


The Oxford Companion to Beer – Edited by Garret Oliver – £26 on Amazon

Garret Oliver is the master brewer at the great Brooklyn Brewery and has poured all his knowledge into compiling this book. Noted for its accessibility, its a great comparison to a relative beginner looking to learn more. Its huge size makes it a bit of an encyclopedia of beery knowledge ranging from ingredients, to brewing, to styles and on.


Mikkeller’s Book of Beer – Mikkel Borg Bjergsb and Pernille Pang – £16.59 on Amazon

Possibly the most inspiring beer book out there and a wonderful blend of in depth insight and a story about one mans love of beer. It charts how Mikkel got started in business and the origins of the Nordic craft beer explosion; all whilst unwrapping the secrets of making beer and giving you the recipes to do so. A must have on any beer lovers bookshelf.

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Let Me Tell You About Beer: A Beginners Guide To All Things Brewed – Mellisa Cole – £14.95 on Amazon

Melissa Cole is one of our FERMENT contributors and one of the UKs most celebrated beer writers. In this no nonsense guide, she opens up the world of craft beer, sometimes a place clouded with myths and hard to grasp terminology, to even the most inexperienced of drinkers. Explaining key concepts and educating on the ingredients behind great beer. Its a great demystifying read, a go to book for a clear cut explanation.


The New World Guide To Beer – Michael Jackson – £2 (2nd Hand) on Amazon

Michael Jackson is not only on of the worlds most revered pop stars but… Nearly had you there. This Michael Jackson is our favourite and the worlds best selling beer writer. If you’re going to buy a book it has to be this one; quite simply the bible of beer. As a guide it gives you super in depth, nerdy explanations of the different styles, including the brilliants origin stories. Serious about beer? Get it.


Tasting Beer: An Insiders Guide To The Worlds Greatest Drink – Randy Mosher – £11 on Amazon

Our personal recommendation for a must have beer book is this. If Jacksons book is the bible, then this is definitely new testament. Its got factual information on beer styles, food pairings, history and a great way of finding out why beer you like personally so you can go confidently into a bar and say exactly what you want. Everybody knows how to drink beer, but this book will help you unlock the secrets of how to TASTE it.

So there you have it. Certainly enough for you to get cracking with. Have you got any books that have opened up your eyes to the world of beer that we missed? Let us know and we can include them in the next one.

Thanks for reading!


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