Beer of the Week – 15/07/16

Again we’ve had a week where everything and everyone has been going here, there and everywhere. Just the way we like it. Heather and Erin made a trip west to go camping and met the guys behind the Fyne Brewery. Whilst Fraser headed north to interview Brewdogs James Watt in Ellon. James was in Leeds giving a speech with Entrepreneurial Spark and back in Edinburgh we had the pleasure of interviewing Christian from North Brewing Co about their exclusive new IPA, Transmission which is in your box this month. To coin a beautiful Scottish saying; we’ve been “Oan a mad wan”. With that in mind – we’ve chosen this beer to reflect the bold, exciting nature of this week which has revolved around telling the stories behind the beer.



Matching the madness is HopDevil by Victory. Our travels this week have been all about telling the stories behind the beer and the folk-lore tale of the HopDevil fits that perfectly. It’s also a bloody delicious beer to boot. Bold, spicy and menacingly flavoursome. It’s the product of distinctive American hops and meticulous craftsmanship. We need to kick back and relax tonight after all the travel and we’re doing so with this beer. You can grab it here!

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