Hopped Mead – Why It’s In Your Case

We are really proud of the box we are sending you this month but there is one addition that you may be a little confused by… Hopped Mead by Gosnells.

12940722_938473309602610_1887730065_nFirst things first – mead isn’t beer. It’s an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey with water and sometimes with spices, fruit or grains. The result is a sweet drink usually with quite a high alcohol content. This particular incarnation by the guys at Gosnells, has taken their original, London Mead and dry-hopped with Amarillo and Mosaic Hops. By not putting hops in the boil they’ve minimised any bitterness and kept the very light mead finish, but it has still got all those lovely aromas.

All very well but why is it in your Beer52 case? Well to put it simply we think its really interesting and more importantly really tasty.

Ross from Gosnells puts it this way, “there were two main influencing factors in the creation of our Hopped Mead that are both very relevant to Beer52. Number one was that obviously the Mead is pretty sweet with beer drinkers often finding it particularly so. The second factor was one that will be very familiar to you at Beer52: people’s palates have become more and more hoppy and people are seeking bigger and bigger flavours as American Hops have entered the mainstream in the British beer market.”


From @mrssophiew on Twitter

Gosnells fit into the London theme of this months box as they make their mead with traditional methods from their base in Peckham. The idea for Hopped Mead was born from working with local London breweries and has taken the delightful citrus notes that Gosnells’ mead is known for a balanced that with the floral flavours from the hops they’ve used during fermentation. And by using hops, they brought something that so important to the modern craft beer industry and made it their own. Its a bold step that really works.

Mead is also seen as an up and coming drink, riding on a wave of growth thanks to the the hipster revolution and (according the Telegraph) the success of Game of Thrones. The medieval beverage is having a mini revival.

So why is it in your box? Two reasons; we think its bloody delicious and we think its important to keep bringing you new things. Not only to expand your drinking palate but to explore new and exciting developments within the craft industry.

You can get full tasting notes and pairings with the edition of FERMENT in your case too 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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