Photography Competition and Our Top Tips!

Undoubtably one of our favourite things about being part of the worlds number 1 beer club is seeing the interactions online with the cases we send out every month. You, our fellow members really show your passion for the beers you receive, and really add to the community surrounding craft beer. You tweet reviews, create flavour notes on Untappd, discuss the beers on forums – its really amazing to see and be part of. An integral part of these reviews and tweets is a photograph of the beers; so we’ve decided to give some top tips on how to photograph your beers and next week we’ll pick our favourites and the winner gets a free month of beer. All you need to do is use the hashtag #Beer52PhotoComp Full details of how to enter are below! 🙂


Tip 1: Stick yourself in the photo.

Recruit a passing friend or family member to capture you proudly showcasing your delivery. Or if you’re like me and don’t have any mates, invest in a selfie stick. We love seeing you cheesing away and you can be creative like @craftbeerliveshere and arrange your beers around you in an elaborate head piece.


Tip 2: Learn photoshop

If you really want to catch the eye, then a good bit of digital trickery sure helps out. Throw a splash of colour in like @midweek_cocktail_club have here. If you’re really good edit in a cool background or put our beers in a celebrities hands. Go mad!


Tip 3: Arrange those bottles

You’re showcasing your haul, so you want the full effect. Arranging your bottles and cans in a pretty pattern is a certain way of catching attention. There is the classic triangle, the stack or the line up, all are great options. Go the extra mile and do something extraordinary with your arrangement.


Tip 4: Get FERMENT in the shot

We’re very proud of our in house magazine and it always has a beautiful front cover, so stick that in and we’ll love it. If you’re on your welcome box like @rebeccahorwood then we love seeing that too. What Beer52 photo would be incomplete without the UKs number one craft alcohol magazine anyway!


Tip 5: Have a theme and stick to it

We always look out for photos like this one from @thebeershelf Its a simple theme that effectively showcases their Beer52 delivery every month. Its also a great way of reviewing the beers all in the same manor. Simple but effective – more is less. 🙂


Tip 6: Use your furry friends

There is nothing the internet (and we) love more than photos of cute cats and dogs. If you can cajole your pet into your photo then you’re almost guaranteeing 10% more likes, its just science. @miraclefinger’s cat Kenobi loves the beers and the camera as you can see.


Tip 7: Slap on a filter

If you’re looking to instantly enhance any photo, the quick route is to pop on a cheeky filter. Whether you’re a Lo-Fi Guy, an X-Pro II photographer, or drinking in Valencia then a well placed filter will set you in good stead.

So there is 7 tips to get those photographic juices flowing. Now, its time to enter our competition, where you can win a months worth of free beer. All you have to do is post your best photo of your Beer52 delivery and use the hashtag #Beer52PhotoComp on Instagram or Twitter. You have to be already subscribed to enter the competition and your free month will be the next month of your subscription.

We will find your photos and announce the winner next Friday 22/07!

Happy Snapping!

Thanks for reading!


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