Some Top Breweries in The North Of England…

The North of England is not only home to salt of the earth people, wonderful industrial cities and stunning natural beauty. It is also an area of the UK that has brought us some of the best beers and breweries. We’ve pulled together a few that make our mouths water all are well worth a visit if you are nearby!

Northern Monk – Leeds

A great place to start is with the boys and girls at Northern Monk – a brewery that is well and truly steeped in history. Like the monks before them, they are “committed to creating the highest quality beers combining the best of traditional monastic brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques”. Their brewery nestles in the heart of the north in a listed building and sends out some of the best beers around, our personal favourites are Eternal and New World IPA.

Chorlton – Manchester 


Chorlton is a small, contemporary brewery based in a railway arch in North Western Street which makes some astonishing beer inspired by Germanic brewing traditions. A brewery that pushes a conscious effort towards ethical practices, both in business and brewing – which thankfully seems to amount to some great tasting beer brewed on an almost personal basis. Our picks are the Amarillo Sour and Citra Brett Pale, both are delicious. (Look out for some Chorlton beers in your box soon!)

Cloud Water – Manchester

Mark Newton Photography – Cloud Water Brewery

Less than 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly train station you can’t get much more into the heart of Manchester than Cloud Water. An exciting brewery that blends all the best of British brewing heritage with experimental flare and technique. Their blog is one of the best reads in the industry, an even balance of opinion and beer nerdyness. Our picks from their roster are the Saison and Epic Lager.

Wylam Brewery – Newcastle


It’s possibly one of the most picturesque breweries on this list and indeed the rest of the UK. Wylam Brewery – within its 1920s home – produces some phenomenal beers, the freshest of which pour from its in house taproom. JakeHead and Haxan are just two of our top brews from this Toon brewery.


North Brewing Co – Leeds

What can we say about North which has not already been said? Tipped as Ferments ‘One to Watch’ earlier this year, interviewed by us last week about their amazing new IPA Transmission, which is exclusively in your box this month. They are brilliant. They run some of the best bars in Leeds, and know exactly how to make beers that people the other side of the bar will love. Our picks are Transmission (obviously) and Herzog.

Magic Rock Brewery – Huddersfield 


Magic Rock is one of the biggest success stories in the northern craft beer scene – growing at an extraordinary rate since it was founded in 2011. Instantly recognisable by their beautifully branded cans, the Magic Rock beers are wide in variety but all with the same key, unfaltering focus of flavour and drinkability. Fitting to the name – Salty Kiss and Dark Arts are both magic.

Hawkshead Brewery – The Lake District


Since their beginning in 2002, Hawkshead have made it their mission to brew ‘traditional beers with a modern twist’ – and they are succeeding. Using those traditional methods in production (a lot of their operation still uses the good old manual processes), whilst bringing ingredients from far afield to make some brilliant brews. Simply – they brew what they would like to drink. Our picks are Lakeland Gold and Cumbrian 5 Hop.

So thats some of our top breweries from the North of England – all of which are producing some fantastic beer which we love drinking. Most are open to visitors and there is nothing better than popping in and trying some of the freshest beer around straight from the source so try and stop in if your nearby. Are there any others which you would recommend? We’d love to try them out!

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