Beer of the Week – 29/07/16

Friday already? Bloody hell. Well I suppose its beer of the week time then. Fraser is off to Colorado for an up coming edition of FERMENT. He’ll be visiting some of the best breweries, like Oskar Blues and learning all about the home of the craft beer movement over the pond. Heather and Erin visited the guys at Black Isle Brewery. Having a great time and sampling a wonderful array of their beers. Whilst in the office we had a visit from people from the Buchanan Awards, who filmed our beautiful faces. Time for the weekend and a delicious beer…



Magic are one of our favourite breweries from the north of England. They’ve grown massively in the past few years and its down to their wonderful branding and of course the great beer that they roll out. Rock Salty Kiss is a beautiful gose and it gives everything away up front. Thirst quenching and lip smackingly sour, its perfect for the sun thats meant to be coming this weekend. Fingers crossed. Grab it here!

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