Low ABV Beers – Why They Are Great

This months box has featured two delicious low ABV beers Jacobs Ladder and Bikini Beer and we think they are absolutely brilliant.

First, let’s define what we would class as a low ABV beer. ABV stands for alcohol by volume, and is a standard measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage. For us, a low ABV would be anything below 3%. Given that alcohol levels in craft beer tend to be higher than in mass produced beer, this is quite universal.

Low ABV beers are usually labelled as having little taste. Alcohol is a key part of the enjoyment of beer, both in taste and mouthfeel and to reduce this essentially removes a weapon in the arsenal of the brewer. We have to agree we’ve had a fair few low alcohol beers that haven’t tasted of much at all. Its a testament to Evil Twin and Buxton that they’ve been able to produce these two beers and absolutely pack them with complex flavours. They both burst with hoppyness and bitter notes and maintain a smoothness.


Another great upside to these beers, is that you can drink more. Their low levels mean your tongue and of course brain don’t get worn down so quickly. This makes these beer perfect for things we celebrate drinking with; festivals, sport, days in the park. You can enjoy these beers all day long and because we believe there is no knock down on flavour, there is no compromise.

In some instances the alcohol in a beer can overwhelm, dominating the taste of the beer. A low ABV in beer such as this give a more level platform for the brewers to work of. You can really get stuck into the citrus, fruitiness of Bikini Beer and the tropical notes of Jacobs Ladder. They aren’t covered up and can flourish.

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We love these low ABV beers and we believe they sit alongside the bigger hitters in this months box competing on every level of flavour. We’ve heard some wonderful compliments on them so send your through if you’ve enjoyed them.

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