8 Great Craft Beer Podcasts

We love a good podcast in the Beer52 office. Whether we are walking to work, trying not to fall asleep on the bus or tucked up in bed at night – there is no better companion. Obviously some of our favorites are all about beer, so we thought we’d share them with you so you can have a listen.

Craft Beer Radio Podcast

Their Twitter handle tells us they’re ‘the internets longest running beer podcast’ and its been here since 2005 for a reason. On a weekly basis the hosts Greg and Jeff educated and entertain the audience for an hour. With informative chatter on an endless number of beery topics and a wit that you can honestly tell comes from a burning passion for great beer.

The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast

In an audio arena that is almost entirely US filled, it always refreshing to hear a British accent – so the Brit and the Yankee had to be on our list. Set to the backdrop of bar chatter, the two main characters; Phil Clark, the Brit and Mike Lingafelter, The Yankee, interview breweries and discuss the beers as they drink them. Its the perfect listen before bed time and gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling that only being in a pub can do.

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The Film Craft Beer Podcast

This podcast does exactly as it names tells us – it brings together the two worlds of craft beer and film. The basic premise is that two independent film makers Pablo Bonelli and Thomas Ascenzi discuss a film the have both watched whilst drinking a delicious craft beer. Think of it as Kermode and Mayo down the local. It really works and the pairs insight into both worlds make this a really informative listen.

Four Brewers

Four beer brewers with a microphone. Matt, John, Jason and Greg use their knowledge of craft beer and home brewing to talk through a wide range of beer. Also some really interesting interviews like a recent one with the guys at Mikkeller make this a really great informed walk through the entire landscape of beer.

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Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip

This one is a little bit left field but there is a reason. Scroobius Pip is a hip hop artist and spoken word poet – but on his podcast Distraction Pieces occasionally he puts out episode called DrunkCasts. In these he and group of guests sit around and chat and drink beer. Simple but some of the outcomes are absolutely hilarious as you can imagine. Don’t expect any in depth knowledge of the beer being imparted but certainly a lot of giggles.

Brew Review Crew – On Tap

Started by two teachers this is a great podcast that brings together a real passion for craft beer. It’s where the culture, news and chat about our favourite drink come to life. Look out for the episodes with guests as they get some real industry talent that have some wonderful things to say.

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The Moore About Beer Podcast

Anthony Moores podcast designed to cater not only for the beer nerds out there but the amateur drinkers too. Its designed to educate and often has an over arching theme for every episode and at the end you’ll know everything about it. Well researched and thorough and great one for those who want to expand their knowledge.

The Beer O’Clock Show

The Beer Oclock Show unfortunately had it’s last episode last week. But luckily for us you can find its entire 156 episode history on iTunes. Great chat about beer news and funny but informative reviews – there is a reason this was UKs number one beer podcast. Perfect for the commute to work, get the back catalogue digested quick!

There you have it, lots to get listening too. Do you have a favourite that we’ve missed out on, please let us know. We love listening to them!

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