Meet The Team – Heather Naismith

We would like you to get to know the people behind Beer52. Whether it’s the brains of the business, the people that pick the beers or the guys that answer your queries. This week its Heather our beer buyer, operations manager and IPA Princess…

Whats your role at Beer52?
Operations and Purchasing Manager

Whats your story?

Grew up in sunny Glasgow with dreams of becoming an opera singer, show jumper and then latterly a lawyer. Can mainly be found walking in the country, paddle surfing or riding – if I’m not concocting a new recipe in the kitchen. After graduating with a law degree I went onto work for BrewDog doing direct sales and then as a beer buyer for a wholesaler in Scotland. With Beer52 I’m taking any free opportunity to learn more about beer and a little about wine and spirits.


Favourite Beer?

This month it’s Jarl form Fyne Ales but it’s previously been anything from Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter to Beavertown Skull King. I also tried Serpent recently from Thornbridge X Brooklyn. Its absolutely sensational and well worth looking out for. Maybe slightly too expensive for an end of day go to though…

What movie character do you most associate with?

Hermoinie Granger from Harry Potter

Special Talent?

I have a four octave vocal range.

Pick of the box for this month?

Got to be Jarl but everything else is also fantastic!

Meet more of the team next week! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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