UK Craft Beer – The Fashion Statement

There is a certain stigma which has attached itself to our beloved beer. It’s time to talk about Hipsterdom.

From the outside, I suppose it is quite easy to designate craft beer as yet another hipster fad. One of those things that is clutched close for its ‘coolness’ and designated to only the hip streets of streets of London. You know the ones – where everyone is an ‘artist’, has a beard and smells faintly of hash.

Sometimes in the community we don’t help ourselves. Lets confess some truths…

  • We are quite elitist, as we stick our noses up to the most widely drank beers. This is the trademark of hispterdom.
  • Craft costs more than your bog standard pint – leaving the uninitiated begging the question why pay more? Its only beer?!
  • Hispters do drink craft. There is no getting away from that.

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There is no walking away from the fact that drinking craft beer is fashionable, even for the reasons above. But hipster fashion is a lifestyle choice, where you reject everything ‘mainstream’. You listen to vinyl, not an iPod. Surely, craft beer in that case is out of hispterdom, with 25% of adults drinking it in the last 3 months. I’d say quarter of the population make something pretty mainstream.

Also the hipster lifestyle is a relatively new culture – only really surfacing in the past few years. Craft beer, even in the UK has been around for yonks before that. North Bar in Leeds the UKs first ‘craft beer bar’ flew past its 20th  birthday this year. Hardly a spring chicken like the beardy people it is meant to represent.

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To some craft beer is a fashion statement and fair play to them. UK craft is so strong these days they’ll drink it and love it or if they don’t they’ll move on. Craft beer is essentially, good beer and if that means its fashionable then we shouldn’t have a problem with that. As soon as the true hipsters get a whiff of is being mainstream, they’ll be off on their fixies anyway!

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