Our Top 5 Beer & Cheese Pairings

We love pairing up our favourite food with beer – we think it brings a whole new dimension to the meal. One of the most satisfying combos is cheese and beer, you can get really creative as there are endless amounts of variation. We’ve narrowed it down to our top 5 pairings and recommended a beer to go. All of the beers are available from the bottleshop and you can find them here.

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Goats Cheese and Get Wit Or Die Trying

Fresh cheese like goats cheese or a Scottish crowdie pair magnificently with Wit beer. Our pick would be Mikkellers Get Wit Or Die Trying. The lemony citrus flavours from the curacao go toe to toe with the acidity in the goats cheese and make a delicious duo.

Brie and Saison Provision

Just like wine, generally, what grows together goes together – brie and a tasty saison is testament to that saying. Saison Provision by Burning Sky would be our choice, inspired by the beer brewed for farm workers in Wallonnia – the creaminess of the cheese is counteracted by the funk and carbonation of the saison. The stronger the brie the funkier the beer can be.

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Blue Cheese and Neck Oil

We are big fans of IPAs and blue cheese. The fruitiness of this style of beer matches so perfectly with the pungent flavours of a blue cheese. Neck Oil from Beavertown is a good choice, sessionable and delicious we can see ourselves wolfing down a whole round with a few cans of it.

Gouda and Westmalle

Nutty and aged cheeses, like gouda or comte are pretty much the ultimate for beer pairings because so many pair well; from barley wine to a brown or red ale. The more well aged the cheese the bigger and bolder the beer can be. With that in mind – we say go big or go home. Try the great Westmalle Triple, (which featured recently on our guide to trappist beers) and an aged gouda and you’ll have hit the nail on the head.

Cheddar and Pride and Joy

It’s probably the most widely used cheese in the UK, so we need to give a recommendation. We’d say on a lazy Sunday afternoon, plucking out a pale ale from your Beer52 box and a healthy hunk of cheddar would be pretty close to perfection. Go for Pride and Joy from Vocation with a nice light cheddar and its soft, gentile bitterness would pair magnificently.

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So there you have it, 5 beautiful beer pairings to get you started with. Let us know if you have any recommendations because as we said, we love pairing things up. All of the beers mentioned are available from the bottleshop here and we can recommend some good cheese mongers in Edinburgh and London – just ask!

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