Our Brew Day at Stewart Brewing

We love home brewing and a few of the team have attempted it in the past. (Lets just say they found various degrees of success in their efforts!) A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to take part in a brew day with the the guys at Stewart Brewing. We had a great time and laid the foundations of a beautiful, single hop, red ale which should be with us in a few weeks time and you can read the recipe and more about our day in next months FERMENT. You can find more information about taking part in a Stewart Brew Day in thier purpose build brew kitchen by clicking here.


First stop was of course the brewery shop which has a taproom where you can try the freshest of Stewart’s beer brewed just next door. Go for the Jack Back which was the number one tap when we visited.


Through to the brewery floor where we started to decide on a recipe and we decided on our mosaic red.


We weighed and ground the malts by hand – which was thirsty work, even watching – luckily we all had pints in our hands…


We had already chosen to add mosaic as our hop of choice, but we thought we’d have a sniff around and add a bit more to our single hop brew. Eventually deciding on adding a little Ella to bolster things.


We removed our malting bag which smelt just like Bovril (Yum!) and the James plunged in the malt extract as Heather stirred it in.


It’s worth adding that this was all under the supervision of our brewmaster of the day James Hardacre – a keen homebrewer who told us about his next project which was going to involve sushi rice…


While we waited we were whisked around the brewery on a quick tour…


And where told the story of how Stewart’s came to where it is today.


We finally got a chance to taste our brew in its most primitive form – it tasted super sweet and sickly and needs a few more weeks before it turns into the final product. We’re relying on James to add in the extra hops and yeast around about today.


A final round of drinks and that was us done. We had a fantastic day and would highly recommend any beer enthusiast going along. Thanks again to the guys at Stewart Brewing – we can’t wait to get our hands on our delicious beer. Watch out for Heathers article in next months FERMENT when you might have a chance to grab a crate too!

Thanks for reading!


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