Is A Craft Pint Actually Good for You?

Beer and health – two topics that usually come together in the form of bad news. They are often paired together only on the release of worrying health figures, in early hours hospital admittance stories or during desperate pleas to Google to help fix your hangover on Sunday morning. So, it’s quite promising that there’s been research conducted recently to suggest that a pint of the hoppy stuff could actually be beneficial to your health – in the correct doses.


I don’t know about you but I remember believing the urban myth that a pint of Guinness was the equivalent to a full English breakfast for a long time. It always nagged a bit at the back of my mind, as I enjoy a good pint of stout or, really, any beer, that perhaps I had just consumed my daily intake of calories in just a few beers and now that kebab I’d inevitably get on the way home would kick my arse even more. Luckily, one of the side-effects of drinking beer is that nagging doubts tend be forgotten quite quickly. It turns out that stouts are actually relatively low in calories in comparison with other beers. Another bonus is that stouts, due to the use of higher temperature when roasting the malts, have been found to have higher levels of, brace for the buzzword, antioxidants. 


A study, by researchers at the University of Western Ontario, actually found that all different kinds of beer may potentially contain similar levels of antioxidants as a glass of red wine. Antioxidants are thought to prevent certain age-related illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. On top of this, stout, in particular, has a higher level than those found in other beers, according to the latest research by the University of Wisconsin. Stout should then perhaps replace the kale smoothies in the hands of the followers of the latest fad-diet. It’s unlikely, but it’s refreshing to see some positive news about the effects of beer that isn’t a woman falling out of a taxi in Rotherham.


Of course, I wouldn’t expect to see doctors extolling the benefits of beer consumption any time soon but even a slither of positive health news regarding beer is a good thing. Being able to enjoy, responsibly, a beer or two can only be a good thing and just having it in mind that they do have some beneficial effects is reassuring. Might add a bit of weight behind having a drink for ‘medicinal reasons’, at least.

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