Colorado Roadtrip – The Biggest Brewers in Fort Collins

Next stop on the road trip, we drove into Fort Collins. One of Colorado’s small towns we were able to step out of our oversized pick up and cycle around to see the sights. For what the city lacks in size, it has some powerhouse brewery within its limits.


The biggest brewer in town and indeed the craft beer state is New Belgium. It’s time to put that perspective for you;

  • Last year it shipped an estimate 1 million barrels of beer.
  • New Belgium has 783 employees over it’s two breweries
  • Onsite in Fort Collins they have a gym, a climbing wall, table tennis, volleyball courts, a cyclocross dirt-bike track, covered bike parking, and yoga classes.
  • To keep up with capacity they’ve opened a second brewery in Asheville, which is 130,000 sq ft…


Started by an avid home-brewer who rode a bike around the great breweries of Belgium with two flat tyres, the story of how the mammoth brewery came to be is very quaint. Probably one of the reasons they place massive importance on company culture. New Belgium is now 100% employee owned and the perks for staff speak for themselves. A true craft odyssey if ever you’ve heard one.


Whilst around the behemoths of Fort Collins we also met some smaller breweries doing equally cool things. At the Horse and Dragon we met a lovely couple whose global travels inspire the wide variety of brews they make, a delicious lunch at the German inspired Fort Collins Brewing and also we tried an Oreo Porter at Pateros Creek Brewing.


Another wonderful stop on our roadtrip. Fort Collins showed that even the small cities in Colorado pack a wonderful craft beer punch. You can read more about this stop in FERMENT and again thanks to our guide at Tourism Colorado who arranged it for us. And for more information on this great city head to

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