Colorado Roadtrip – Estes Park and Rock Cut Brewery

As we sloped through the highways of Colorado, we entered the Rockies and the beautiful town of Estes Park. A popular base camp for those looking to explore the states national park, its chock-a-block with those setting off on a wilderness adventure, luckily for us there is some great craft beer around too.


Our time in Colorado was pretty full on and Estes Park was the welcome break we needed. Staying in The Landing, a group of luxury cabins on the edge of the forrest we picked up a few cans and sat out on the porch. It was close to perfection. On the road, around every corner you’re greeted by the most stunning views you’ve ever seen. But remember we were there to work; there were breweries to be visited…


One that we’d like to shine a light on, which nestles in the town is Rock Cut Brewing. There we discovered some awesome, German inspired beers and drank them fresh from the brewery tap room. We sat amongst the other visitors and locals and noticed that the chat wasn’t always about the delicious beers.


Something we noticed actually throughout our time here, is that the beer is more just a part of the scenery. To an outsider; Colorado is often held up as this craft-daft state and to a certain extent that is a large part of life here. But to the Coloradans themselves their local taproom and brewery is just part of the community. A place to meet friends, take the kids and enjoy a drink. I suppose beer is kind of their version of a cup of tea.


An open secret of Estes Park is The Barrel. A converted shipping container, which sits perfectly with the alfresco nature of the drinking culture and the quirkiness of craft beer. We tried one of the strong Avery brews – El Gose a salty, lime beauty.



We loved our time in Estes Park during our roadtrip – you keep all the delicious craft beer and amazing locations to drink it – but things just ease down in the Rockies as the in your face frantic pace of the cities fades into the distance. To learn more about Estes Park and to plan it into your visit, head here and as always thanks to our friends at Colorado Tourism UK & Ireland.


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