Spotlight on Lerwick Brewery

Featured in last months Scotland box was a stunning IPA from one of the UKs most remote breweries. Some would say against the odds, Lerwick Brewery and the Shetland pony that marks their bottles and cans are gaining notoriety and they are thriving from their base 150km from the mainland.


Lerwick Brewery started back in 2013 when three brothers fulfilled their life long dream of owning a brewery. Starting on a small scale, as many craft operations do, they sold to the Shetland market and as the tourists came and went through the town, wider interest started to surround the delicious brews coming from the brewery.


In three short years, Lerwicks’ brews now flow from the taps of pubs, bars and restaurants all over Scotland and line the shelves of Morrisons, ASDA and the Co-op. Even being taken on by Michelin star chef Martin Wishart in his Edinburgh restaurant. With a current range of five beers, they put a huge focus on never forgetting their roots and all five beers have been carefully thought out, from brew to bottle, to reflect on their island home.


That island home is more than a significant marketing exercise. Shetlands location gives it a different climate and unique water to the mainland, meaning Lerwick beers are made with very pure and high quality raw ingredients, all adding to the taste and flavours of the beer.

We were delighted that Lerwick invited us into their home last month and the feedback we had from their IPA was overwhelmingly positive. If this is what they achieve in 3 years looks like the future is bright for this Northern gem.

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