Colorado Roadtrip – Falling In Love With Loveland

Loveland is the quaintest of the cities we visited in our white 4×4, rolling through the craft beer state. It’s not something you hear often in the US, but in this case size doesn’t matter. Even though it only has a population of 72,000, its refreshing to still see the same passion and love for beer we saw everywhere else.


46 miles north of Denver, Loveland is very accessible for any visitor to Colorado and a must visit for any beer lover. Alongside some phenomenal breweries Loveland Aleworks, Grimm Brothers, Verboten and the tiny Crow Hop, the passion for craft beer in this area of Colorado mainly takes shape in home brewing.


With many homebrew clubs dotted around, there is a tangible love for the process of making beer. Some of the bigger ones like the Liquid Poets Society boast hundreds of members. Seems the Coloradans don’t affect the same ‘trainspotter’ style prejudice towards homebrewers as is common in the UK. If you’ve ever tried brewing your own beer, you’ll attest to the fact you have a new found respect for a good beer – the Loveland DIY brewers are no different.


As we skipped between the different breweries, enjoying particularly delicious German inspired brews at Verboten, we find that even the bigger boys come from a home brew background. The guys behind Grimm Brothers for instance met at an event called a ‘bottleshare’, where attendees bring a bottle of beer and share it with other people. Passing on the knowledge and story of the bottle within the community.


We left our base at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, hopped on a horse called Lucky (seriously) and plodded our way through the foothills of the Rocky mountains. The beer from the past few days, wobbled and swashed comfortably around our bellies as we surveyed the truly jaw dropping scenery.


Only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Denver, Loveland is the easy going neighbour. We went to Colorado for the beer and we knew we would find it in abundance here. But it’s still incredible to find that even in a quieter place like Loveland, craft beer is intrenched in the bedrock. It truly is the craft beer state.

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