Colorado Roadtrip – Boulder and The Avery Brewery

For those unfamiliar with Avery Brewing Co, they are known for producing some really heavy hitting beer. In America where a medium strength beer is usually 6 or 7%, thats quite something. We’re talking 18% barrel aged stouts and some killer mega hopped barley wines here.


At the helm of this boozy ship is Adam Avery, one of the US’s most well respected brewers, a guy that was there right at the start of the US craft beer revolution almost 23 years ago. They make serious beers, seriously. There is no murals on the walls or howling wolves on the tanks, its clean and sterile. Beer is a science to them.



When we sat down with him in the tap room, Adam tells us that in the last 12 months alone they have made 120 different types of beer. Most of which never leave the boundaries of the brewery. Specials and one offs made only for the people that visit where the beer is actually made.


To have such a vibrant craft beer scene with such variety of choice, obviously saturation of the market is an issue in Colorado. You may then think the competition is fierce between the different breweries, but Avery tells us that this is not the case. Their is a strong sense of community, collaboration and camaraderie. Avery for instance, let start up breweries use their labs and New Belgium lend their second hand kegs to Loveland Aleworks. If that isn’t craft beer, what is?


A little something about the resting place of Avery’s huge brewery, Boulder. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, it’s yet another jaw droppingly beautiful city in Colorado. Famous for its cycling and as the destination of choice for the free love movement in the 1960s and still a pilgrimage for those wanting celebrate 420. These may be reasons that Boulder has been voted in both the Top 10 Happiest Cities and Top 10 Healthiest Cities to Live and Retire.


It was a pleasure to meet one of the legends of American brewing, in the wonderful city of Boulder and in the home of craft beer in America. Meeting someone very successful, at the pinnacle of the game and learning that they still care so much about the beer – that they care about the community and it’s not all about getting big and annihilating the opposition. Really separates the two main ideologies behind beer and makes you glad you’re on the craft one.

If you’re wanting to visit beautiful Boulder and of course the fantastic Avery Brewery – check out Colorado Tourism.

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