Colorado Roadtrip – Spotlight on Odell Brewing

Hopefully you’ve been following our online roadtrip this month where we’ve been lifting the lids on Colorado’s craft beer scene. We visited the craft beer state to find some of the best beers to bring back with us for you to enjoy, two of which have been shipped fresh from Odell Brewing Co.


First a bit about the brewery itself. Founded in 1989 by the three Odell brothers in downtown Fort Collins, it produces some of finest American takes on old fashioned British beer recipes. As a craft brewery it prides itself on not only the great beer it produces but giving back to charitable causes within the community.


We sat in the Odell beer garden with loads of other craft beer lovers and enjoyed the community atmosphere. We brought two awesome beers back with us – a delicious India Pale Ale and a fruity American Pale Ale. Both are fantastic beers – hoppy, bold and imported fresh for you to enjoy.


The India Pale Ale, takes the traditional IPA and evolves it to the American standard. They’ve added highly aromatic American hops giving it a huge hop character. It’s bold flavour is added to by it’s high ABV, at 7% it packs quite the punch. In true Colorado style it goes well with spicy BBQ food.


The Drumroll APA. First things first – look at that can. The crashing yellows and greens of the exterior is matched wonderfully by the mango, pineapple and grapefruit flavours brought on by the fresh hops. Available in cans only since June 2016, Beer52 members are some the first to drink this canned masterpiece.


The Odell brewery is awesome. Not only for the beers and the amazing culture, but just the structure is pretty breath taking, it’s a real day out. We’d highly recommend visiting if you ever swing by and if you are thinking about it you should check out Colorado Tourism. We also hope you are all enjoying the two beers we brought back, let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook!

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