Our Top 9 Bars in Colorado

We hope you’ve been following this months roadtrip of Colorado, we have been having a blast sharing our experiences with you as you sample some of the wears we brought back with us. When we were over in the craft beer state we visited some of the most amazing bars and we’d like to share some of them with you…



This was a bar that has left a lasting memory with us (not something you can always say!) It’s where the barman Ben introduced us to Leopold Brother’s Whiskey, the best new age American whiskey we’ve tasted. Great service, vibrant atmosphere, a great Denver bar.


Avanti F&B

Another bar we experienced straight off the plane in Denver. Alongside a wonderful selection of local experimental concepts food, it showcases a delicious array of craft beers from Denver. Food paired with beer is one of lifes great wonders, here is the place to experience that in Colorado.


TRVE Brewing Co Taproom

One of the many brewery tap rooms we visited. TRVE and it’s heavy metal vibes was one of our top picks. The Solid Hex Foeder-Fermented Mixed Culture Watermelon Saison they provided us with was one of the stand out beers from our trip. A proper grungy beer bar in Denver, we loved it.


Ophelias Electric Soapbox

A former brothel that has been turned into a super hip restaurant and bar. They have a dance floor and have great live bands playing amazing music you can groove the night away to. Alongside a stellar list of local brews there is a delicious cocktail menu which will soon get you itching for a dance. A great night is to be had in this ‘gastro-brothel’.


Spangalang Brewery Taproom

Firstly, the name makes you smile every time you say it. We sipped a refreshingly tart Strawberry Summer Gose and discussed the Colorado beer scene with the owner Taylor Rees in this taproom. Stand out, fresh beer and amazing company made this one an absolute winner.


Jessup Farm Barrel House

One of our favourite bars from Fort Collins was the Jessup Barrel House. With barrel aged beers being something of a Colorado strong suit, it was amazing to drink beers that had matured in wine, bourbon, rum and even tequila barrels at this great bar. Also it minutes from the farmhouse that has amazing food.


The Barrel

Certainly one of the most novel bar we visited during our roadtrip, the Barrel is a converted shipping container in Estes Park. A huge range of fresh beer, we got stuck into an El Gose from Avery and a delicious mead from Redstone. The Barrel is an awesome idea that works really well.


Avery Brewing Taproom

We were lucky enough to sit down with the founder Adam Avery when we visited the taproom, which made it a special experience. But something else that makes this special is that in the last 12 months Avery have made over 100 beers and most of them are made only for the taproom. A must visit to grab and exclusive that may never be seen again!


Laws Whiskey

Maybe it was the fact that by 9am we were already on our fourth whiskey, but Laws was a fantastic bar. They’re at the forefront of a new wave of amazing American spirits and you can sit with the makers and enjoy them right there. They’re a passionate bunch and more than welcoming to any questions. Social drinking at its best.

So there you have it. This is nowhere near an exhaustive list, just a handful we would recommend based on the experiences we had. We were taken to them all by our mates at Colorado Tourism and if there are any we’ve missed let us know on Twitter and Facebook

Thanks for reading!


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