Colorado Roadtrip: Spotlight on Left Hand Brewery

Our Colorado month keeps rolling on, with praise pouring in for the amazing beers we brought back with us. On this online stage of the roadtrip we’re trying to shine a little more light on some of the amazing breweries we’ve worked with. In this feature, we introduce you to the incredible Left Hand Brewery.


The large Left Hand came from possible the most humble of beginnings. When founder Dick Doore fell in love with a simple homebrew kit he received for Christmas from his brother. His new found passion drove him back to the craft beer state in 1993, where he met up with old college friend and continued to brew. In January 1994 they opened their business and haven’t looked back.


In 2015, Left Hand became an employee owned organization honouring their ‘dedication to brewing independence’. As they look towards the future they tell us their “philosophy remains the same since day one… to be a brewery driven by quality, integrity, and the customer experience, one pint at a time.” Amen to that.


But we’re all about the beer and we are featuring two corkers this month. Firstly we have Good Juju, a APA flavoured with ginger. A light malty body is spiced up by the ginger and the hops to make this the perfect thirst quencher. For a real kick make a classic boilermaker by mixing this in with a dash of rye bourbon. Naughty, but hella tasty.


Next we’ve got Americas most popular craft stout – its what Left Hand are famous for, with a 4* rating on Untapped people love it. The sweet and velvety milk, sits atop a roasted, coffee and chocolate malt flavour. It makes you realise what a stout can be. It’s tantalising purple bottle art mesmerises your eyes too, certainly a drink to savour till the very last drop.


So there is a little background on two of the brilliant beers in our box this month and the incredible brewery that they came from. They guys from Left Hand got to meet some of our amazing members last night at our event in London, it’s been awesome working with them this month.

Thanks for reading!


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