Colorado Roadtrip – Spotlight on Oskar Blues

It’s one of those breweries that really doesn’t need an introduction. Rising with the craft revolution in America and although it grows and grows, it maintains the essence of craft beer throughout its production. Of course we are talking of the Colorado great – Oskar Blues.


After their flagship beer Dales Pale Ale was first brewed by Dale Katechis in university, Oskar Blues started originally as a restaurant and tap room. But when you’re sitting on what has been called “one of the quintessential American hoppy pale ales of our time”, you can contain that for too long…


Expanding from their original brewpub – The Tasty Weasel Taproom opened in its doors in Longmont in 2008 to house the larger brew kit and a new bar. Oskar Blues is famous for never bottling it’s beers – they believe that canning is much better for the beer…


… And we’re lucky enough to bring you four of those beers to you this month. Of course we couldn’t leave out Dales Pale Ale, their flagship and award winning beer. We’ve imported Beerito, a Mexican style lager and Pinner, a throwback IPA fresh from the brewery in Colorado. And we’re the first to bring Priscilla, a wonderful wheat beer to the UK this month. You can read all about them in this months Ferment 🙂


Oskar Blues are an incredible brewery and we’re privileged to have imported all these wonderful cans fresh from Colorado. An incredible craft ethos and a great foresight to can their beers, they are true revolutionaries in the field and Matt Curtis writes all about them in the magazine this months. We had a great time at the taproom and enjoyed going outside and watching their employees jump their BMXs.

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