A Beer52 Guide To Leeds

This month we’ve turned our gaze towards the North of England. The North is chock full of great breweries and bars and growing scene which has been going from the start of the craft beer boom in Britain. One of the jewels in it’s crown is Leeds – here are our recommendations and a map to help you get around…


Northern Monk Refectory

One of the best brewery taprooms. Situated in a the Old Flax Store, they have designed the place so it is a real experience when you visit. With the bar directly above the brewery, you get a real sense of the beers before you have even tried them.


Head of Steam

This cosy bar is renowned for its Sunday jazz performances, where people pack in around under the beautiful bottle chandelier to here the music. Located near the station, its perfect for a quick pint and we’d recommend grabbing one of the Chimay range as it’s only one of 170 bars worldwide to be twinned with the brewery.



The place to go for craft beer and delicious curry in Leeds. A wonderful beer selection on offer including their very own Bombay Dazzler. Enjoy a sharing platter with your mates and take some snaps of the amazing decor inside.



As you can guess form the name this taproom has some awesome in-house brews. A great place for nerding out, they have cask vs keg nights where they measure up the same beer. This particular bar has an authentic Czech brew-kit, so try out some of those brew for a experience worth coming back for.


North Bar

First on our list is theĀ first ever craft beer bar in the UK, this alone can cement Leeds’ status as a craft beer city. Now expanding into producing the beer (in your boxes this month), head in and grab yourself a slice of history and a pint of Transmission, their amazing West Coast IPA.



This huge venue is real all rounder – not only great beer but music, dancing, comedy, food and a roof terrace. It’s kind of like they’ve rolled all the best bits of Leeds and contained it in the walls of this building. Grab a craft pint from one of the bars and enjoy a mouth watering Patty Smith Burger.

Your Bar Crawl Map


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