Pouring The Perfect Craft Pint with Six*North

Recently one of the best group of bars Six*North opened their 4th venue in Edinburgh, right below our office. What a delicious coincidence. We couldn’t miss the chance to learn more from those at the front line, serving the best beer to the people that love it the most. So we asked for their expert advice for their top tips on how to pour the perfect craft pint.

First Things Frist, Choose The Right Glass

Proper glass wear is very important, the right glass can enhance a beer to something incredible. Six*North serve their beers in two-thirds, half pints and tasters to reflect the character and ABV of the beer. For a good steer check out our handy guide.

Wash That Glass

Arguably the most important point is to make sure the glass is clean – not just clean but spotless. Lip stick on the rim is a dead give away of a dirty glass, but before pouring even a clean glass should be given a quick rinse just to get rid of any possible debris.

45* Degree Angle

Now for the pour. Hold the glass at a 45* degree handle and pull down the tap. The angle allows the beer to gently fill the glass, giving you control over the beer from the start. You don’t actually want the tap to touch the glass.

Straighten and Drop To Bring On The Head

Begin to level out the glass and drop down the glass to promote the beginning of the perfect head. Your now aiming to pour the beer directly into the centre of the glass. If the head comes on too strong immediately, don’t be afraid to turn off the tap and leave the beer to rest for a minute or two.

At The Right Moment Push The Handle Straight Up

As the perfect head of your pint reaches the very top of your glass, bring the glass back up toward the tap. Then just as it reaches the brim, push the handle straight back up and hold the glass in place for a few seconds.

Aaaand Serve…

Now you’ve poured the perfect pint, it’s time for the perfect serve. Put down a bar mat or serviette and place the glass on top. Allow for a few seconds for the beer to settle before tucking in – you’ve put a lot of work in so savour it!


Hope you put these top tips to good use. Obviously different styles have different needs, but these tips should work well for Pale Ales, Lagers, Ambers and IPAs. Thanks again to Matt and the team at Six*North Edinburgh, they have over 40 craft beers on tap so head down to Howe Street for one of the best selections in Edinburgh.

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