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We love seeing all of our members on Instagram – you really are an artistic bunch and it’s great to see you enjoying your beers. One account in particular where Beer52 boxes take centre stage is @CraftBeerLivesHere – ran by fellow member Paul Stroud. We asked Paul for his thoughts on the craft beer scene in the UK, here is what he had to say about life as a craft beer drinker…


I remember a time when getting a drink in a bar was simple, most of the time you didn’t even need to look behind the bar to know what they had on tap or in the fridge, then you start drinking Craft!  Initially you find a brand you like in a bar or pub you frequent and decide you would prefer the great taste of this compared to the mostly tasteless alternatives, which is fine until you go somewhere else and they don’t sell it.


Thus starts the Craft Beer Stare, Standing at the bar staring over the top at bottles in the fridge, hoping you see something that looks or sounds similar.  Stage two is asking the staff “What Craft Beers do you sell?” without sounding pretentious and with trepidation that the member of staff might reply with “What is a Craft Beer?” 


Stage three is the pressure you feel when everyone else has ordered and they are waiting for you, do you order a normal beer?  Do you ask for something in the fridge and hope for the best?  How about trying a few from the taps whilst everyone looks at you waiting for you to make your mind up!  The worst point of this being when you choose wrong and then have to drink a full pint of something you find horrific but pretend it’s nice, so the rest of the people you are with don’t laugh at you for the time you took at the bar. 


Times have changed now and all of this is more acceptable in fact I find it strange now when a pub/bar doesn’t have any craft beers, but the Craft Beer Stare will never go away but at least trying a few from the tap is socially acceptable!

Thanks for your thoughts Paul! You can see a few of Paul’s amazing photographs above. But check out his profile and follow him by clicking here. How do you see the craft beer scene in the UK and how many times have you had the craft beer stare? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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