A Beer52 Guide to Manchester

Manchester is a city well used to nurturing sub cultures to the mainstream – possibly one of the reasons why it’s craft beer scene is one of the most vibrant in the UK. A mixture of great breweries and incredible bars make it hard to ignore. Here is our guide to some of our favourites…


Photo Credit – CloudWaterBrew.co

Cloudwater Brewing Co

A brewery that changes with the seasons. You’ve probably heard of Cloudwater, it’s gathering momentum as one of the best new British breweries. Most recently Matt Curtis wrote about how people were queuing round the block for their short dated DIPA on launch day. You can visit their brewery for a great day out and sample some of their freshest produce. If you see one of their beers on tap grab it!


Seven Bro7hers Brewery

Inspired by their home brewing Dad; these 7 brothers have come together to start this brewery after a boozy chat in a bar pushed them into action. Currently producing five amazing beers from their Manchester base, their emphasis is to keep learning and improving to make the best beers possible. We love their story and more importantly their beers.

No city beer guide would be complete without a good bar list. Manchester is absolutely stuffed with great craft bars, here are a few of the Beer52 teams favourites…

Photo Credit – Manchester Evening News

Bar Fringe

This favourite is adorned with eclectic decorations – the motorbike centrepiece being one of many. Beyond the quirkiness, is a bar with a great selection of Belgian beers and wide variety of real and continental ales. A bar with all the frills but at its core a love of great beer.

Photo Credit - BeerLens.com
Photo Credit – BeerLens.com

Knott Bar

‘We Know About Beer’. That’s what their website screams at you and we’d have to agree and it would appear CAMRA do as well, they have three awards. An incredible selection of craft beer awaits and a real emphasis is put on seeking out beer that people want to be drinking.

Photo Credit - DesignMyNight.com
Photo Credit – DesignMyNight.com

The Font

The party pub of the list and a favourite student haunt. The wrapping wall art is all created by local artists, you can sit and admire whilst sampling a gourmet burger and working your way through their 100+ craft beers. The decent prices make this a hard one to miss.

Photo Credit – ManchesterConfidential.co.uk

Cafe Beermoth

A young member of our favourite Manchester bars, Cafe BeerMoth has only been up and running for 1 year. A constantly changing line of beers, which you can see behind the taps, ensures that this bar will never get boring. Started by the guys behind the Beermoth bottleshop, they know good beer and there is plenty on offer.

Picture Credit - digitalnewsroom.co.uk
Picture Credit – digitalnewsroom.co.uk

BrewDog Manchester

It’s everything you expect a Brewdog bar to be. Thick girders and naked lightbulbs work their way through the colourful grafitti chalked on the exposed walls. It’s the perfect place to talk your mate that is not ‘into craft beer’ to initiate them. Hand them a Punk and watch that infectious rebellious streak grab hold of them.

So there is a few reasons why Manchester is fast becoming one of the great beer cities of the UK. Where are your favourite Mancunian breweries and bars, let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for reading!