Our Month Ahead – Beer & The Arts

What an exciting month we have ahead for you – we’re exploring the worlds of beer and art. Music, film, design – all have touched the craft beer industry and we want to take you on a journey through these overlapping entities. Here’s what we’ve got coming up…


In Ferment…

For this edition we’ve painted a real masterpiece (even if we do say so ourselves), dipping our brushes into a palette of beer subcultures. Behind the electric cover from Beavertown artist Nick Dwyer, we have features from Pete Brown, Melissa Cole and Matt Curtis. We were in the studio with JP Cooper, Francis Rossi and Island Records – talking beer, music and a certain Session IPA which you’ll be sampling. We chat to Logan Plant of Beavertown and The Tin Man, Nick West who has a collection of 8,000 beer cans.


In Your Box…

What a star studded cast of show stoppers. Our headliners are the fruity Session IPA from Island Records, Uus Maalim a hop-forward delight imported directly from Estonian brewery Pohjala and for the first time ever in the UK, Stereo Lips from Brussels Beer Project.

On the light side we’ve got two classics from Beavertown, another exclusive from Brussels Beer Project, a maibock called Dead Guy Ale from Rogue and the electric Edison from Electric Bear.

Getting darker, you’re sampling Pandadora a Belgian stout from Panda Frog, Must Kuld from Pohjala and a mocha chocolate wonder from Electric Bear.


An online extravaganza…

And online we’ve got a festival of content coming your way. We tell you how to turn your cans into music through the mobile app Shazam. We interview our ones to watch Fierce Beer, chat stand up and beer with comedian Colin Geddis and tune into Island Records. And our craft beer advisors Doug and Kev with be sampling the box with you.

So, a veritable gallery of art & beery goodness coming up with your box of beers in November. Let us know what your most looking forward to this month on Facebook and Twitter!


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