Beer & Comedy – A Chat With Comedian Colin Geddis

It’s Beer & Art Month here at Beer52 and an art form that is going through a renaissance in recent times is stand up comedy. Luckily, we sponsor the hilarious General Banter Podcast by stand up comedian Colin Geddis and after a huge sell out show in Belfast we had a quick chat with him. He started at the beginning…

CG: I got started by making videos for YouTube, which led to me hanging around with some stand-up comedians. Then it was only a matter of time before I was shoved onto the stage by one of them.

B52: There is a definite coupling of comedy and beer, from your monthly comedy night in Lavery’s Bar in Belfast or massive sponsorships of festivals by breweries. Why do you think that partnership works so well?

CG: Some things just work, Beer and Comedy are best friends. People enjoy a beer and a laugh. Wine and comedy, however, are worst enemies. People tend to enjoy a wine and a cry for some reason.

B52: There is a strand of  stand up comedy that thrives on the shock value of the jokes and there is almost a similar wing of the craft beer industry with irreverent marketing that serves to grab someones attention. What do you think are the merits of that style?

CG: If you back it up it’s fine. If your jokes are shocking but well structured and clever you usually get away with it. I’m sure it is the same with beer, it must be a great relief when the beer with the badass name and label actually tastes good.

B52: This month we are looking at the worlds of beer and art. We think that there is a real artistry behind the process of brewing that is often forgotten. Do you think that the same goes for stand up which is often disregarded as performance art?

CG: Absolutely, most people only see the finished product, which on the surface looks easy. A lot of the time a comedian can do the job of writer, actor even musician better than most of those specialists. And similarly, brewing your own beer isn’t just slapping a label on a bottle, you have to teach yourself to be a farmer, engineer, scientist and a beer sommelier. (Or so I imagine, I’ve never tried to brew beer)

B52: We’re really proud to sponsor your podcast and it’s a move that we’ve seen lots of comedians make towards in recent years. What was the reason you started The General Banter Podcast and why have you kept it going?

CG: I started it as a way to make myself talk for an hour straight, praying that a few moments of stand-up material might magically appear. I’ve kept it going because it has quite a loyal fan base now. I also really enjoy doing it and with every comedian that starts then quits their podcast, I grow in strength like some sort of chubby Hulk.

B52: What do you see happening to comedy in the near future and do you still think that link with beer and pubs will still be there?

CG: I’m not sure where it will go, I consider myself quite lucky because I have many outlets for my comedy whether it’s videos, podcasts, stand-up or social media, so I’m ready for whatever direction it goes. Having said that, with the rate at which people’s attention spans are shortening, I might get into the world of 1 second video sketches, then do a live tour with my 40 second live show. Also, pubs can’t really exist without beer, so don’t panic.

If you want to hear more from Colin – he isn’t the hardest man on earth to find. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, just search for the General Banter Podcast. For upcoming gigs head to his website, or add him on snapchat (colingeddis), watch his videos on YouTube and check out his Facebook and Twitter.


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