Top 10 Best Looking Beers

A huge amount of work goes into the art that decorates our beloved craft beers. It’s something that allows a beer to stand out and catch your eye before that important first taste. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites, so bask in some of the greatest looking beers around…


Heathen maintains Northern Monks strong branding but that mix of jet black and autumn colours makes it stand out from the bunch and the hazy, tropical fruit IPA inside isn’t too shabby either…

heathen-ipa-5 A stand out beer from our boxes so far this year, Transmission has you hooked from the start with it’s hypnotic triangles, bold letters and beautiful aqua colour. What a beer.


You can’t mention can art without a nod of the cap to Beavertown. Their whole range has some of the most memorable art around. Gamma Ray is our favourite, with it’s mental space battle.


Our ones to watch this month, Fierce have some of the coolest bottles we’ve seen. Animal heads on human bodies describing the liquid beneath – like chimpanzee dressed in riot gear for this explosive nutty porter. It works.


I suppose the job of the craft can is do attempt to artistically depict what you want you beer to be like. Odell have hit the nail on the head with this one. Drumroll is a delicious summer beer, juicy and light.


This deep purple masterpiece is jaw droppingly gorgeous. In the detail you can see the classic Left Hand print over the cow – it’s the little touches. Almost as good as the sweet stout inside.


What’s the coolest thing on earth? The answer you’re looking for is sharks. Their combination of beautiful photographic art and minimal branding make Pohjala masters at this game. The main reason it’s on this list is the shark though.


Hipster Ale is on this list because you probably havent heard of it. (See what we did there?) A gorgeous can looks like some sort of vibrant abstract painting. Now we’ve mentioned it, it’s probably out of fashion though.


Classic Mikkeller. Instantly recognisable and with a mixture of absurd humour, sideways facing people gasping and bright colours. It’s our pick from a whole range of classics.


ToOl’s beers are always works of art. But this minimalist label is our favourite, it almost looks like a print error. Nothing to mark it out apart from a small logo in top left. And here is a little secret, it’s in your box next month… 🙂


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