Exclusive Island Records & Beer52 Playlist

This month we’ve teamed up with or mates at Island Records to bring you some really cool innovations and smash together the worlds of beer and art. With their expert help we’ve curated a Spotify playlist which holds the musical essence of the beers in your box this month. Click here or on any of the song choices in this article to be transported to the playlist and get lost in the music while you enjoy your beers.


Island Records – Session IPA = JP Cooper – Five More Days

A laid back session beer punctuated by bursts of colourful citrus. Paired with these chilled out, drum driven vibes from JP Cooper you’ve got a partnership of two rising stars of beer and music.


Beavertown – NeckOil = Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This

A summer throwback – bouncing riffs glide you through your memories of a sun kissed evening walk to the park with a sixpack.


Pohjala – Must Kuld = Lee “Scratch” Perry – Disco Devil

The silky texture of this white chocolate and coffee porter can only be matched with the classic smooth reggae tones of Scratch Perry, warming deep to your bones.


Beavertown – GammaRay = Insane Clown Posse – Chicken Huntin’ (Slaughter House Mix)

This warped Detroit duo thrash out their hardcore style of hip hop – like GammaRay it’s a punched up version of a classic American style that you can’t help but enjoy.


Edison – Electric Bear = Nick Drake – One of These Things First

Both are at first glances breezy, English west coast wonders, but delve a little deeper and you uncover a whole world of passion and greatness.


Rogue – Dead Guy Ale = PJ Harvey – The Wheel

Rogue describe themselves as ‘a small revolution’ and this song from PJ Harvey channels her trips to countries torn apart by war, and marches, snarling towards the establishment.


Mochachocolata Yaya – Electric Bear = Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were

A milk stout that unwinds with caramel and coffee flourishes, twinned Ben Howards lilting tones you have a dreamy mix of wistful melody and subtly driving beats.


Uus Maailm – Pohjala = Jack Garratt – The Love You’re Given

A relaxed sessionable beer that builds to something truly special. Just like this Jack Garratt tune it’s masterfully crafted and ramps up to an instant modern classic.


Pandadora – Panda Frog Project = Disclosure – Boss

It’s label art is reminiscent of an 80’s electropop film soundtrack. Much like Disclosure who have adapted the sound of that era and given it a experimental moogy twist, this beer is an autered take on the past.


Red My Lips – Brussels Beer Project = Stromae – Tous Les Memes

A sessionable beer with hints of that continental citrus – electronic art work mirrors a punchy beer beneath and like Stromae infectious hints of flare make it irresistible.


Stereo Lips – Brussels Beer Project = Lauren Aquilina – Midnight Mouths (filous Remix)

A pale ale that puckers up with tantalizing bitterness and leaves you hanging on its every word. Lauren Aquilina’s wistful vocals float along the tropical dance beats of this remix and tease you to turn up the volume.


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