Top 8 Beer Movies

Cinema is awash with beer. It’s played a central role in some of cinemas most iconic moments. Here is a list of 8 of our favourite films where beer takes centre stage…


Smokey & The Bandit (1977)

What do you need to get 900 cases of illegal Coors Light across four states? Burt Reynolds moustache, a 1977 Trans Am and a smokin’ hot Sally Fields. Watching this movie today, it’s more than a little over the top but it’s lasting entertainment value has earned it a place on this list.


Beerfest (2006)

In this Broken Lizard comedy, brothers Jan and Todd compete in a super secret, international drinking competition called Beerfest that takes place annually during the famous Oktoberfest. Highlighting Will Forte shortly after he’d joined SNL – Beerfest is exactly what you’d expect. Silly, boozy fun.


Worlds End (2013)

As the last film in Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s so called ‘Cornetto Trilogy’, this one really puts the focus on what’s important: boozing. Five mates trying to finish a pub crawl they attempted 20 years previously. Oh, and then the androids turn up. Standard…


Strange Brew (1983)

Two Canadian moron characters played by Nick Moranis and Dave Thomas try their best to help the heiress of a brewery regain what is rightfully hers. Brilliantly absurd and dumb – it’s great.


Superbad (2007)

Michael Cera and Jonah Hill go on a mad-cap beer run in a desperate attempt to get laid. Crossing paths with useless cops Bill Hader and Seth Rogen and the lovable loser McLovin. An instant teen classic. “I think they added more Hops to it”.


Drinking Buddies (2013)

A dry, indie comedy – the characters that work for Revolution Brewing, go on a trip to a cabin in the woods and a weird, uncomfortable love triangle ensues. The cast have admitted they were steaming during most of the filming, the direct result is one of the best beer movies of all time.


Withnail & I (1987)

Two out of works actors (Richard Grant and Paul McGann) go on an ill-conceived holiday to the country. A bittersweet film about the ending of eras; friendships, youth and the consequence-free hedonism of the 1960s. A cult following and drinking game ensures this films’ great status.


Animal House (1978)

John Belushi, in perhaps his most iconic performance, plays Bluto; a beltching, farting, gasbag of a human who is in charge of an insane frat house. Cue a war with the dean, huge parties and revolt. Perhaps the only thing more famous than the movie is it’s memorable “To-ga, to-ga, to-ga” chant…

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