Beer of the Month – November 2016

What a great month November has been, sending out some awesome beers from the colliding worlds of Beer & Art for our members to enjoy. Also we’ve tried to make things a little more interactive online with our collaborations with Shazam, Spotify and Island Records. Hope you’ve enjoyed 🙂

This month for Ferment we explored Beer & Art in all it’s manifestations. Meeting with Logan Plant of Beavertown, Nick West – can collector extraordinaire, Francis Rossi of Status Quo and rising star JP Cooper –  as well as some incredible articles form our contributors. You can also check out Ferment’s new website here.

So, it’s time to name our beer of the month for November. We asked you on Twitter which out of this months selection you wanted to hold up as your champion and the winner was…

A perfect blend of music and beer, Island Records have twinned up with Two Tribes Brewery to bring this beer to life. It’s a laid back sessionable IPA, which is punched full of tropical flavours and a heavy orange smack on the nose. All housed underneath and electric can design – which you can scan to bring up some amazing playlists. Christmas is up next, lets see if we can match or better this!

Thanks for reading!

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