Beer of the Year 2016

2016 has been a funny year in many ways – lots of disruption and change with the world being shaken up in many different ways. But we like to focus on beer here at Beer52 and craft beer all across the globe has continued to flourish. Some craft breweries have continued to grow exponentially, whilst young breweries continue to push boundaries and experiment – the industry as we know it changes everyday. Isn’t that part of the reason we love it?

In terms of our part in that industry, our community of beer lovers has grown to 15,000 and we as a club are trying to use our growing base to continue to bring you new and exciting beers from all across the world. We’ve travelled to Colorado, Scandinavia, South America and Central Europe to bring you the best brews we can get out hands on.

As well as reflecting on such a great year for beer, this month we are looking to the future. With that in mind we should mention that there are some really exciting changes coming to your club in the first few months of 2017 and that we have some plans to travel to Belgium, California, Berlin and Eastern Europe to collect some fine brews for you to enjoy.

When we sat down to try and think of the best of those beers for this blog – we were stumped to say the least. So many amazing beers have been in your boxes this year and so many came up in conversation. Honourable mentions have to go to North Brew Co. with Transmission, Priscilla from Oskar Blues, Island Records Session IPA and Odell’s Drumroll APA all highlighted by the team as potential winners. But we knew this one had to be unanimous – so after a lot of thought and deliberation we chose…

When I asked the guys – every single one of them had Must Kuld on their list. It’s a rich, creamy porter laced with silky notes of honey that balance on flourishes of coffee, raspberry and blackcurrant. When we chose it for the Beer & Art Box, we had one of those moments in the office – a silence and then a collective, “WOW!” Definitely a sign of a brewery on the rise – the Estonian based Pohjala are doing everything right at the minute – great branding and consistently wonderful beers. We look forward to them really wowing us in 2017.

We look to the future next, lets see if we can match or better this!

Thanks for reading!

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